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Senior Energy & Emissions Specialist

Dawn-Marie Barreira

P.Eng., CEM


Dawn-Marie's interest in energy management started early in her career recognizing the consequences that over-designing has on energy consumption and operations. She is passionate about integrating sustainability and resiliency principles, and long-term planning into engineering design.

She has worked with industrial and commercial facilities, developing and leading energy and GHG emission quantification, reduction planning strategies, and project implementation from within organizations and as a consultant.

Throughout her career she has conducted energy studies, provided energy efficiency and low-carbon electrification input to designs, and implemented energy efficient operating practices.

Dawn-Marie is an outdoor enthusiast always up for a new challenge. She enjoys cycling, trail running, hiking, and camping.

Dawn-Marie holds a Master of Engineering degree in Clean Energy Engineering from the University of British Columbia and a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Queen’s University.

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